Four things to note when choosing contraception

22 March 2023 | Contraception | by Life Yangu

There are a number of contraception methods to choose from. There isn’t one contraception method that’s right for everyone as different methods of birth control work in different ways.  Here are some four things you must consider before choosing a method:


Your reproductive goals, including whether you are ready to have children, how many children you want, how soon you want to get pregnant and the spacing of your children, will help you determine the best method for you.

Factors such as your comfort with the specific method – whether it is a pill to be taken everyday or inserting a device into your body – as well as how much you are able to spend on a method play a role in your decision.

Some people may prefer a method that requires less effort, such as the IUD, while others may prefer a method that is easy to use and readily available, such as condoms.

Your health

A person’s health plays a significant role in determining the type of contraception that is best for them. People who are allergic or sensitive to certain materials may need to avoid certain types of birth control; for example, people who are allergic to latex may need to use non-latex condoms. Certain medication can also affect the effectiveness of the contraception method. It is important you discuss your health concerns with your healthcare provider before you start using any contraception method.

Effectiveness of contraception method

Different methods have varying effectiveness levels in preventing pregnancy. If you want to avoid pregnancy, choose a method that is reliable and effective in preventing pregnancy. Other factors, such as proper usage, consistency, age, health, and lifestyle also impact on the effectiveness of a method.

Relationship status

You may have different contraception needs if you are in a monogamous or casual relationship. Your choice of method may be similar to or different from your partner. Some people prefer a method that comes with shared responsibility for preventing pregnancy, such as condoms, while others may prefer a method that does not require active participation, such as the IUD or implant.

It is therefore important to have this in mind when considering a suitable method.


It is important to discuss your health concerns with your healthcare provider to determine the best birth control method for you.

To be effective, any method of contraception must be used consistently and correctly.

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