Four short-term contraception methods to consider

25 April 2023 | Contraception | by Life Yangu

Short- term contraception methods are are designed to prevent pregnancy for a brief period of time. They are ideal for people who want to delay having a child for a little while, or by those who are not ready to commit to a long-term contraceptive method.

Here are some of the most popular types of short-term contraception:


Male condoms, also known as external condoms, are one of the most popular types of short-term contraception. They are readily available, easy to use, and provide protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as unplanned pregnancy. Most male condoms are made from latex, and are available in different sizes. Some are coated with a lubricant or spermicide. Read more.

The female condom, also known as the internal condom, is a sheath made to be used by women. It is inserted into the vagina for pregnancy prevention. It prevents the male sperm from getting into the woman’s reproductive system. Just like the male version, the female condom prevents both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Read more.


There are two types of contraceptive pills:

The combined oral contraceptive (COC) pills work by preventing the release of eggs from ovaries. They contain both oestrogen and progesterone, and are meant to be taken orally daily. Find out more.

The progestine-only oral contraceptive pills (POPs) works by preventing the release of eggs from ovaries and by thickening the cervical mucus to prevent the sperm from meeting the egg. They contain only one hormone – progestin and are meant to be taken orally daily. Find out more

Injectable contraceptive

The progestin-only injectable contraceptives is a hormonal injection given after every two or three months to prevent ovulation. One needs to visit a healthcare provider to get an injection either into the muscle or under the skin. Read more

The vaginal ring

The vaginal ring is a small, flexible ring that is inserted into the vagina of actively breastfeeding mothers. It releases hormones to prevent ovulation and is worn for 90 days before it can be replaced. The vaginal ring is highly effective when used correctly and consistently. Find out more.

It is important to consult a healthcare provider to determine the best short-term contraceptive method for your individual needs and lifestyle. Find the nearest health facility here.

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