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The best way to make a difference is to participate! Do it for yourself, your crew, and for others too.

Get Involved

You have the power to change lives. Getting involved means that you can share your experiences, your knowledge, your talents, or even just a helping hand  to impact the people around you. See how you can get involved down below.


It’s teaching by example. Are you self-aware and enthusiastic and a positive role-model? If you have life experience that you think is valuable to share, you are in the right place. Invest in the next generation by sharing your story or expertise. Reach out to us on

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Community Zone

Karibu community zone. Here is the one place you can get together with an awesome community and share experiences and get your questions answered. Here, we have each other’s backs, 100%.
1 on 1 Sometimes you just really need someone to talk to. Maybe you have questions or just want to share your thoughts and get some advice. Tuko hapa!
  • Talk to someone one-on-one so you find the right answer for your situation
  • Stay anonymous if you need to maintain privacy
  • Get advice from reliable professionals with knowledge about contraception

Reach out  with ANY questions about contraception –

Keep up with your sexual health – Explore the knowledge base

From local news from our centres to international health developments, random fun facts and detailed research reports, the Knowledge base is your A-Z of sexual health matters. If you’re ready to learn more about your body, science, and the amazing world of sexual health, roll up your sleeves and dive in here!

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Our goal is to motivate young men and women to take control of their sexual and reproductive health.

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